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Hows internet n wind river valley??
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The last savage 03-May-21
deadeye 05-May-21
The last savage 06-May-21
WYelkhunter 06-May-21
The last savage 06-May-21
WYelkhunter 07-May-21
For anyone that lives in the area, hows your internet service? Dish im assuming, thx.

From: deadeye
Here in Dubois we have a small company, Range that provides us land line telephone service and internet. It is quite good!

Thx deadeye

From: WYelkhunter
depends what part you are talking about it is kind of a large area? Where I am it is a dish wireless but not like satellite internet it is a dish pointed at a tower about a mile a way. much faster than satellite.

Thx shane. 8 miles west of Riverton

From: WYelkhunter
The internet in that area will be the same as mine. the fastest available is 50mbps

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