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Renting a camper van
Contributors to this thread:
brunse 13-May-21
Surfbow 14-May-21
Jaquomo 14-May-21
Highway Star 16-May-21
Ckapp22 18-May-21
From: brunse
Any suggestions for mid June trip to colorado with a six year old? Traveling around to some of the dinosaur monuments and sights? Considering a campervan rental. Anyone have any experience with them? I see A company called “escape camper vans”??? Others? Suggestions? Include a little easy fishing? Considering going up coffee pot road to some of the lakes? Or back past trappers/little trappers? Not likely to do much camping but don’t want to look for food and whatnots while away from town. Thanks for suggestions.

From: Surfbow
Check out, it's like VRBO for campers, we're giving it a try this summer too...

From: Jaquomo
Get it reserved quickly. I understand there's big demand this summer. RVAmerica is another one.

From: Highway Star
Be sure to check and see if you are allowed to take RV off from paved roads. There some restrictions in AK. Trappers, for example is 20 miles from pavement.

From: Ckapp22
Brunse, Im the manager of Vanworks in Fort Collins. We build and sell camper vans just like you are looking for. Sorry no rentals..yet. Ever since covid hit last March, business has been completely insane. As Surfbow said, is probably your best option. We have multiple customers that are renting their personal vehicles and rental companies that we have done builds for that have their vans on the site. We are working with a rental company in CA that is building a fleet of 600 vans this year and already has 1500+ rental reservations. If you plan to stay on mild forest service roads, a ram promaster will work fine as 2wd. If you want to get off on some rougher stuff, the Mercedes Sprinter is the way to go with 4wd. Escape Rentals is a great company and I have met them personally. I believe they only rent the Chevy Express which is probably cheaper than the newer vans but is also a "low roof" so you wont be able to stand up in it. Rent a "high roof" Promaster or Mercedes if the bank account allows, you wont regret it! Check out outdoorsy..expect to pay $200-250 a day for rental. Best of luck!

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