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Bucksnbulls 14-May-21
Bucksnbulls 14-May-21
BULELK1 05-Jun-21
Bucksnbulls 08-Jun-21
From: Bucksnbulls
I have been off Bowsite for a while and recently returned. When I returned, obviously there is a new format for the site. Unfortunately the site does not seem to be very user friendly. I am sure it is operator error. Questions! Every time I get out of the site then return, I am asked to register to comment. I can not find a log in position. Reregistering every time does not seem reasonable. What am I missing? I registered for the mobile site. I can not find any way to add pictures or edit my profile except for the required specific info. How do I do this? The FAQ and support links are no help or support. Apparently there is not an active contact site for support to ask these questions. So, I am asking you Bowsite experts, what am I doing wrong. Thanks in advance.

From: Bucksnbulls
Additionally, I tried to edit a post but there are no delete options for post edit. I could add photos only. Either I don’t any longer like this app, or I need to understand it better.

Once you log-in, you should always be logged in or so that is how it is for me.

Granted, I only am on my PC not any of my devices.

If you turn your phone sideways and go across your handle, date, private reply then it should show Edit, click on it.

For adding pix, scroll down from this post/type box and You will see URL/Link then Photo One, click Choose File for adding a pic from a file

It takes a few screw ups to figure it all out, or at least it did for me!! haha

Good luck, Robb

From: Bucksnbulls
Thanks Robb.

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