Wasatch mtns. West Archery Mule tag
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volcomgti 17-May-21
BowHiker 25-May-21
volcomgti 27-May-21
From: volcomgti
First time hunting Utah, usually hunt Colorado and I live in Florida. I got an archery mule deer tag for the Wasatch mtns west and am wondering if I should also buy a spike elk tag to have while I'm there for that area also? Not familiar with the area at all as this will be my first time hunting there but from google earth scouting I think I will start around Provo Peak and head south from there. I'm wondering if I should just stick with trying to get a deer or is there some spike or antlerless elk around there that would be worth getting a tag for too?

From: BowHiker
Coming all this way, i would recommend buying the elk tag as well, theyre usually hanging out way up high that time of year so you may just run into some while chasing your buck.

From: volcomgti
Nice, thanks man. Wish I had the time to come out and scout before hand.

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