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wichita mountains controlled hunt
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nickphillips 10-Jun-21
Ok...Russ 10-Jun-21
nickphillips 10-Jun-21
canepole 10-Jun-21
Quailhunter 10-Jun-21
EmbryOklahoma 11-Jun-21
nickphillips 14-Jun-21
21ss 27-Oct-21
From: nickphillips
hey guys! I got lucky enough to draw an elk tag this year for the Wichita mountains. does anyone have any pointers or info on this?

From: Ok...Russ
GO AWAY!! Can't you see the rest of us are in mourning? :) Sorry, no info on the hunt - was going to do more research after I drew the tag but seems that'll wait until next year. Best of luck to you - there are some really nice bulls in OK.

From: nickphillips
thank you!! I just got really lucky but hopefully you will get drawn next year!

From: canepole
Good deal Nick. Should be plenty of useful info in the previous (elk, controlled hunts, Wichita) threads. BTW, how long had you been applying for an Elk hunt? Best of luck to you.

From: Quailhunter
We’ve had some guys from here go on the hunt. Also, there are a few YouTube videos.

Congratulations, Nick! Best of luck on your hunt.

From: nickphillips
thank you guys and this was my second year to put in so I just really got lucky!

From: 21ss
Nick, Ive got maps and locations that have produced or had good sightings from 3 hunts in there. Where are you from if you were in the NE corner id share it with you or send me your number and I can text you some pictures. Its totally different than going out west but still a great time. I killed my bull at 100yrds dad and my son both had 200yrd shots. Its rough country take some help there will be others there willing to help with pack out. They are incredibly tough animals but the best eating meat I have ever had.

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