Panquitch maps
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Glunker 10-Jun-21
BULELK1 23-Jun-21
Glunker 26-Jun-21
From: Glunker
Before I order the wrong NF map Can I get a confirmation on which NF map covers the Panquitch hunt area. Easy question but I have ordered the wrong map before. Doing an archery hunt and time to do my diligence. Appreciate any response.


BULELK1's Link
Dang Todd ya got ya another Utah tag!!

Dixie National Forest

Happy for ya,


From: Glunker
Robb, thanks for your link. As you know this was not the toughest tag to draw but I had plenty of points and just needed a hunt with deer. Guessing this is a more physical hunt than last years AZ elk hunt but that wouldn't take much to do. If it ends up being a camping trip with lots of exercise that still works.

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