Visiting Utah
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From: the bear
Hello Utah Bowsiters, My wife and are coming out to the Southern part of Utah next week. We plan on visiting Mount Zion and Bryce Canyon. What other areas would anybody suggest. We are coming from South Dakota through Nebraska and into Wyoming. We are going to spend a day setting up some trail cameras in Wyoming for my son's Elk hunt in Wyoming and then traveling through Southern Wyoming and into Utah. Any information you can provide will be appreciated. Thanks Ken

From: Tjw
Do the highway 12 loop.. u hit capitol reef through Boulder then Escalante into Bryce.. the most beautiful road in utah.. the Cafe in Boulder has a lamb burger to die for.. have fun..

From: the bear
Tjw, Thanks for the suggestion. My wife and I have been married over 27 years, this trip to Utah was the best trip we have ever taken.

Glad you enjoyed the trip.

Sorry about the heat!

Good luck, Robb

From: the bear
Thanks Robb! We are from South Dakota where we not only have heat but matching humidity. The heat in Utah was slightly higher but the humidity was more bearable. Good luck hunting this year! Ken

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