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Anyone near Thermopolis??
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So im a cabin builder/ master carpenter ,i have 3 cabins to build near Thermopolis, im relocating there asap, any of you guys local? Ill need some beta,you kno ,just good food places, wat to stay away from and of course where all of the game is??? Lol jk. im mostly a trad Bowhunter , i just returned from a trip out there. Man ya'll are blessed. Beautiful country.

Hmmm. Ok well i appreciate to welcome,, jk. Glad to move to such a great state.

From: Ron Niziolek
Hey Patrick, I'm up in Cody where there are a few other Bowsiters. Don't take the lack of response wrong. There's just so little traffic on this Wyoming site that me and others just don't check it often. Best of luck on your move! Ron

Patrick, like Ron says, sometimes the Wyoming Forum goes a month or more between posts. Also, I don’t know of any Bowsiter that lives in or around Thermop. I spent lots of time there as a kid, but that was 55 years ago so any input I’d have would be slightly outdated. lol! The only current info I do know is that the trout fishing in the Wind and Bighorn Rivers, as well as the walleye in Boysen, can be outstanding. Congrats on finally making it to good ol’ Wyoming! Rob

Ron, I hope the shoulder rehab’s going great!

From: WYOelker
I ma in Lander go to Thermop a couple times a years. We like it there have not hunted up there much we hunt further south.

Ok thx guys, no offense here man, i know how busy everyone is for sure. I may hit you up Rob one day to go fishing, i have a nice 14 ft cataraft set up for fishing we can get it into some places where aluminum boats cant run. See you guys out there....

From: Stryker
I work in thermop almost every day but live just west of Shell. I work in the mining industry down there so might be able to help you out some.

thanks dave, i just returned from 4 days in the area, beautiful man, im packing

From: Traveler
Welcome to WY! We are loving it here so far and you live a great area for fishing!

From: Bowboy
I fish on the Bighorn every year multiple times fly fishing and it's an awesome River. I've never fished Boysen, but i know a few guys that love that lake.

There are some good restaurants in the area. The black bear cafe and one eyed buffalo is good.

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