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MCAAP 2021
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From: hawg
It's been 6 years since I've been to MCAAP and didn't think I would get drawn this year with all the delayed hunts from 2020 but I did. I'm going by myself for the Nov. 5-7 hunt (Hominy) and was just curious how many other bowsiters will be hunting there this year.

I've hunted there close to a dozen times in the last 40 years with all but 3 being in Hominy. I consider this a tough hunt due to weapon and lack of knowledge (scouting) but enjoy the nostalgia, memories and challenge.


Best of luck. I hunted there 6 years ago. I have struck out every year since. It is a great hunt. If I remember correctly I saw 24 different bucks on my hunt.

From: BigOk
Good luck!

From: crestedbutte
28-Jul-21 do you have lack of knowledge if you have hunted there a dozen times so far with 9 of those being (Hominy)? Are you always put in a different area of Hominy or something?

From: Quailhunter
Because you get a few hours to scout before you hunt. That’s it.

From: hawg
29-Jul-21 Quailhunter pointed out...small window to scout and learn. Things change every year much less every 5-10 years. I've been to many different areas of Hominy and have a small memory of different areas and selected stand sites. I've gone back to a previous "hot spot" to find things very different and dead. The areas I hunted in the '80s don't even look the same now. The "lack of knowledge" statement was in general to most anyone who gets drawn but for the above reasons apply to me as well:)

From: crestedbutte
Thx gentlemen. Hope to someday hunt there.

From: Quailhunter
It is all they say it is….

From: Rivergoat92
I'll be in Hominy that same weekend this November, I was drawn for 2020 but because of Covid my hunt was pushed back to this season. I've never been before so I decided to ride up for the 3D shoot this past weekend, talked a good bit with the head biologist Ryan Toby and several of the white hats, also placed 2nd in the recurve division. Ended up getting plenty of good information and took home a belt buckle.

From: Atschimolsin
Heading to McAAP Nov 5-7 in Deer Creek. Any advice, I’ve hunted Boggy and Hominy several times but never hunted Deer Creek.

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