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Auction next Saturday
South Dakota
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grizzly63 19-Jun-21
Muddawg 20-Jun-21
grizzly63 20-Jun-21
grizzly63 27-Jun-21
From: grizzly63
Anyone see the flyer for the GFP items next Saturday in Milbank. Bunch of guns, 150 + treestands, heads, hides, antlers, etc, etc. Always a hoot to watch people try to buy back the guns that were confiscated. If you haven't been to one of these, they are interesting.

From: Muddawg
Been awhile since they had one. I take it the antlers are also from confiscated deer/elk from the entire state compiled in one auction?

From: grizzly63
It seems to me that they have one periodically out west as well. I get amazed by what the antlers bring. I would not be hurt if they made antlers illegal to sell or barter just to minimize the lure of poaching. Just my opinion. I bought a treestand that had the name of a well known SF bowhunter on it. Guess it was hanging in the wrong place. The antlers could be roadkill or even donations from hunters who have passed and the wife cleaned out the garage, besides the confiscated ones.

From: grizzly63
They indicated that this was a four year collection of items from across the state. There were items from Highway patrol and GFP there. Crazy prices on some of this stuff but there were a few people buying for resale so they must have a market. First two trophy class whitetail racks on skull plates went for $650 each. Same guy bought both. I know the man that does property management for the state and both he and the auctioneers had been getting calls on if this or that set of antlers was there. Doesn't really seem right that you can do something wrong, loose the animal and be able to buy it back afterwards. I guess if you have enough money, some things don't matter. They had a whole bunch of treestands, better than half were ladder stands. All seemed to bring decent money. Nothing was really a bargain. I only got a box of 308 brass. Now I have learned that 308 match brass means the primers were crimped in place. I have overcome that and they shoot well. To keep it archery related, the range where I shoot my rifles also has an archery range. Shoot a few shots in the rifle, let the barrel cool while I shoot a couple rounds of archery, switch off.

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