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Special Antlerless Closed this Year
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sticksender 13-Jul-21
bas 13-Jul-21
Bou'bound 21-Jul-22
Geezer 23-Jul-22
From: sticksender
Someone posted this over on Hoosier Hunting. Good news as far as I'm concerned.

The woods will surely be quieter those last couple weeks of archery deer season, no hunter orange will be required to bow hunt, and a few less early-shed bucks will get rifled.


From: bas
I saw this good news a couple days ago and agree with you wholeheartedly Greg. Hopefully they don't raise the county antlerless quotas to substitute for the lack of the late special antlerless season.

From: Bou'bound
no expectation that this will open this year is there?

From: Geezer

Geezer's Link
No. No "special antlerless" season for 2022. If you scroll down under the bonus county map it states such within this link. God Bless Steve

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