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Didn't draw any tag - Prairie Dog Help
South Dakota
Contributors to this thread:
Bowman 14-Jul-21
DR 14-Jul-21
Dakota 15-Jul-21
Bowman 15-Jul-21
Dale06 23-Jan-22
grizzly63 23-Jan-22
From: Bowman
I did not draw a tag this year so the wife and I are going to take a drive and go through North and South Dakota and stop in Sturgis. Do some site seeing and would like to take a couple of days and shoot some prairie dogs. Then come back up through Montana and swing back home. I have been doing some checking on line and saw the Fort Pierre National Grasslands, but wondering if anyone knows a place we can have some fun shooting. I am driving from Minnesota and any help would be appreciated. Steve

From: DR
Lots of outfitters in western SD, ND and MT that would likely be able to accommodate another Minnesotan. Dakota on here may be able to help you, he's a good dude and operates up by Buffalo.

From: Dakota
Let me know the days you have in mind and what you are looking for and I'll see if I can point you in the right direction.

From: Bowman
Thanks for taking the time to respond to me, it's very mush appreciated. Steve

From: Dale06
I’ve been avidly shootingPD# for over 30 years. It’s getting harder every year to find decent places to shoot them. I’ve been going guided the past 10 or so years. Used to have unlimited free hunting in south central D SD. Outfitters and poisoning have changed the rules of this game.

From: grizzly63
Visited with a rancher in the badlands and he told of a gentleman that was paid to poison them. The gentleman had a grandson that was paid to dust the mounds and kill the fleas that carry the plague so the Black footed ferrets had something safe to eat.

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