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Mountains 2021
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PushCoArcher 19-Jul-21
Archer22 22-Jul-21
Ok...Russ 22-Jul-21
Lost Arra 22-Jul-21
From: PushCoArcher
Anyone headed out west this year or any other big out of state hunts? I'll be in SW Colorado this September from the 9th-19th chasing elk also got a bear tag in the same unit. Going to miss Wyoming this year but struck out across the board.

From: Archer22
A buddy and I drew mule deer tags in S Central CO, it's a OTC elk zone so I imagine at least one of us will pick up an elk tag too. Be there Sept 2-12.

From: Ok...Russ
Sure do miss our cabin in Pagosa Springs! Best of luck to you.

From: Lost Arra
Wyoming elk

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