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Western Wyoming big game butchers
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OTT2 30-Jul-21
wytex 02-Aug-21
Inshart 02-Aug-21
OTT2 03-Aug-21
From: OTT2
My son's and I will be in western Wyoming for archery elk this year. I am looking for big game processing/butcher's in the area of Alpine or somewhere near. Anyone have any tips on this? Thanks in advance.

From: wytex
Maybe the Meat Block in Star Valley.

From: Inshart
I would call Broulim's Supermarket in Alpine (been there many, many times - great folks) and ask to talk to someone from the meat dept. 307/654-7573. Don't think they butcher wild game, but should be able to direct you to the right place??

From: OTT2
Thanks a lot for the replies. I'll check them out.

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