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Red Sparky 09-Aug-21
BillL 10-Aug-21
Dale06 10-Aug-21
From: Red Sparky
3 weeks to elk season and I screwed up my ankle. I have no idea what I did, I just can't walk on it without being in pain. Went to the DR. today and they think I have an infection. Started 10 day course of antibiotics today. If it is not better in 10 days and I can't walk I will turn it back into G&F so somebody can use it.

I just feel bad for those that didn't get drawn and I possibly can't use the tag I did draw. It was a sucky tag anyhow. Low elk numbers and only in certain areas. No big bulls but I take the first legal elk I have a shot at.

From: BillL
Oh crud Sparky ... I feel for you. I hope you can keep mobile so you don't stiffen up.

From: Dale06
Hope you get well soon.

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