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Spotting Scope question
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KC9 12-Aug-21
Jims 17-Aug-21
wytex 08-Sep-21
From: KC9
Question on spotting scopes. I noticed a big price difference between the 65 MM and the 80 MM, does it make a big difference and what is your opinion? Also, straight eye piece or angled? I was looking at 20-60X but noticed a slight increase in price for the 25-50X?, why is that? Love to hear your all's opinion Thnx

From: Jims
80 is heavier and takes up more room in a pack. If you are hauling a scope around the 20=60 is the way to go. I prefer straight eye-piece....quicker and easier to line up for me. I also never really liked my head being above my scope..especially when trying to not get skylined and spotted by game. Straight is a lot easier to use on a truck window mount.

From: wytex
I agree with Jims.

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