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Question For Montana Residents
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JL 21-Aug-21
montnatom 22-Aug-21
JL 22-Aug-21
JMG 23-Aug-21
JL 23-Aug-21
BigSkyHntr 30-Aug-21
hobbes 20-Sep-21
JL 22-Sep-21
From: JL
Did any of you resident guys who drew an antelope tag in the regular draw this year get this below, recent email from the FWP? Thanks.....


Our records indicate that one or more persons using this email address were successful for antelope in 007-20 and/or 007-30. As one of the 6,000 people successful in obtaining an antelope license through the special drawings for hunting district 007-20 and/or one of the 150 people successful in obtaining an antelope b license through special drawings for hunting district 007-30, you now have the opportunity to try and purchase (1) additional doe/fawn antelope b license (799-30), valid in HD’s 704 and 705, for the same season dates. There are 1,000 of these licenses available and are being sold first come first served starting August 20. They are available over the counter from any license provider, or online at fwp.mt.gov. If purchasing online, please allow up to 10 days for delivery of the license. The cost is $14.00 for a resident or $200.00 for a nonresident. Please have your hunting district number (or original antelope license) available for the license provider when you purchase your license over the counter. Thanks.


License Bureau, FWP [email protected]""""

From: montnatom
got the same message last year and was able to purchase the doe/fawn extra tag. Think they had 1500 available last year. I was surprised that they are offering doe tags after reducing the licenses available from 8500 to 6000. I would have applied somewhere else if I had known they were reducing tags but they do that after you apply.

From: JL
The brother and I were talking about this. The email only went to folks who already drew a tag(s) in the initial, regular draw we all put in for. The brother (Res) and I (NR) both drew tags on the initial draw. I get the follow on email yet he didn't. Is it possible they weighted that email to the NR's because of the cost of the tag? I had to pay $200 for it, the brother $14. On face value.....selling 1000 doe tags at $200 would be $200,000 in revenue. Selling 1000 tags at $14 is $14,000 in revenue.

If they split the email notifications.....maybe half went to NR's, the other half to Res's?? As a NR, I'm not complaining at all. If I was a Res.....I'd want to know how they did the email split. What percent went to Res's and what percent went to NR's. They sure didn't advertise it on the website other than when they posted the tag on the purchase menu. It sold out very quick.

From: JMG

JMG's Link
I find this information interesting, because there was a recent newspaper article that indicated the current drought is having a major impact on antelope fawn recruitment. It puzzles me why FWP would allow more licenses/permits; when the future population of antelope is going to be lower in the next year to two due to fawns not surviving the current drought.

From: JL
Those tags were targeted for the SE portion of the state where there is an overpopulation problem.

From: BigSkyHntr
I got the same email however my wife did not. We both drew region 7 buck tags

From: hobbes
Is there intent to issue tags but not increase hunter numbers? I did not draw a 700 license thanks to the reduction in licenses so it pisses me off to find out they are sending out surplus doe tags and I don't have any antelope tag.

From: JL
Could be one reason???

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