Waterfowl Question
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davejlaw 25-Aug-21
From: davejlaw
My wife and I just moved back to Nebraska, from Colorado, to help care for family. We both grew up in Lincoln, and moved to Hickman, just South of Lincoln. I was a member of the Colorado Waterfowl Association, which is a hunting club that had 50 or so leases for members. We could reserve a spot on one of the leases with a reservation and could hunt several times each week during waterfowl season. No guides - just me, my dogs, and my own decoys. The club would dig pits and place blinds that we needed to hunt from. I haven't been able to find anything like that in Nebraska. Anyone know of a waterfowl club that is more do-it-yourself versus guided? Sorry for the non-archery related question. If it helps, I'm an avid archery elk hunter too.

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