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Does anyone hunt unit 9
New Mexico
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KS Hunt 05-Sep-21
Liver&Onions 07-Sep-21
JRABQ 07-Sep-21
Liver&Onions 08-Sep-21
Seth 11-Sep-21
From: KS Hunt
Hi guys, KS hunter here that drew unit 9 elk second round of archery season. How wet is it there this year? What condition will the roads be in. Have there been many fires in that region in a while. My buddy and I drew tags to this unit and although all the info I see is daunting we’re excited. My hunting partner and I have done quite a bit of map study but we realize there is much more to pinpointing a spot. I’ve only hunted CO for elk and NM is a first for me. We will have 2 old guys with us cooking for us (our dads) any info you can provide that may be helpful in contributing to my hunt is greatly appreciated.

From: Liver&Onions
Sent private message.

Used to hunt 9 alot with muzzleloader, but only once in last 15 years or so. Overall we've had a great monsoon this summer, but there are some spots that missed out. Most roads have a good rock or gravel base, but there are some exceptions. Don't recall any fire info for 9. Don't overlook the flatter oak/grassland country. It will likely be a tough hunt, so good luck and have a good time.

From: Liver&Onions

From: Seth
Conditions are good, overall. Many tanks have water, and it’s pretty green. Roads are average, though I found a couple washed out from the heavy rain we had this summer.

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