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Bridger, SD?
South Dakota
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Badger_16 09-Sep-21
grizzly63 11-Sep-21
From: Badger_16
I am going to be doing my first archery trip mid October. I am fairly new to bow hunting so I don't have huge expectations, just wondering if the area around Bridger has decent mule deer numbers. I have been studying the map and other forums. It sounds like NW part of the state gets a lot of pressure so was thinking maybe the area around Bridger would be a good starting point.

I looks like there is some nice hills with trees in that area, I just have no idea where mullies like to hang out, only hunted whitetail in WI. Any information would be appreciated, not looking to get exact locations just curious if mullies are found throughout the state or if you need to join the crowd out west to have a chance.

From: grizzly63
From what I can tell, Bridger is on the res. South of there is some walk in areas. I have seen decent bucks going through the Cheyenne river valley at night in the dark. There are a few people that hunt that area. Cant speak to the population numbers, call GFP and ask to speak to a biologist? Mulies are mainly west river or along the Missouri river corridor. Some people like to hunt the core land along the river. There are some mulies on the east side of the river but more limited controlled hunting. We occasionally see one over here along the eastern edge of the state but they are a rarity. Some of the more pressured areas require preference points (35L). Good luck

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