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Snake question.
South Dakota
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Badger_16 28-Sep-21
Dakota 28-Sep-21
Badger_16 28-Sep-21
DR 29-Sep-21
ahunter76 05-Oct-21
From: Badger_16
I will be on my first ever trip to SD Oct 8. I have never hunted a state or area that had poisonous snakes, how worried should I be about rattlers? I am terrified of snakes in general, I have this fear about this trip that I am going to have snakes lurking all over. We will be camping on some BLM land. Should I be concerned about running into rattle snakes or is it pretty unusual.

From: Dakota
Sure they are around but I would not let the thought of them ruin your trip. Just be vigilante and if you do run into one identify where it is by the buzzing sound if you don't see him and slowly go around. Easier said than done sometimes but you're much better off staying calm to assess the situation instead of jumping freaking out.

From: Badger_16
Thanks for the reply, I guess I am most worried about walking around in the early morning and at night when you can't see. I was hoping it would get cold so they wouldn't be as active but looks like the weather is calling for mid 70's. Thanks again for the reply.

From: DR
I spend tons of days crawling around, stalking and walking in "rattler country". I've seen a total of 4 in my entire life up there. Yes, they are around, but it's not all that 'common' IMO.

From: ahunter76
I've bowhunted Wy Antelope 5 times & have seen 1 live (in a sand road, coiled up) & 1 dead on a back road. I am always cautious & vigilant as someone said. I've also bowhunted in warm weather in other Southern States & as said, be vigilant. Enjoy your hunt.

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