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Montana hunting regulation changes
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Larry 12-Oct-21
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From: montnatom

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draft hunting reg changes are out for comment. We need to pay attention, looks like loss of some bowhunting opportunities in areas 290 and 260

From: SmokedTrout
Also loss of an entire archery only district, 284

Send your comments in please. Lots of lost opportunities for the bowhunter if this passes. Hunter

Crazy. Apparently the regs were "too difficult" to understand. There are way too many deer in 260 though and CWD is a real threat in all lands where hordes of deer and elk congregate and eat hay. Allowing rifle hunting in part of 260 seems like a recipe for someone to get killed.

From: Larry
Anyone else see regulations that are going to hurt bowhunting in your area? Just because you don't hunt an area doesn't mean you shouldn't comment on it. Next year, that may be where you want to go. Let us know so we can help preserve your season as well as ours.

From: Larry

From: SmokedTrout
I submitted my concerns with loss of archery opportunity in 260 and 290 (extra antlered bucks gone) and the complete loss of district 284. There are a few things I might like with the reorganization, but generally my biggest concern was the loss of archery opportunity.

I also think they have gone somewhat too general. Over the counter deer b tags in 222 is going to be detrimental to whitetails. Some of the existing districts do not allow any, or very minimal, deer b tags now which I have complained about in the past, but this is swinging the pendulum too far the other way. I am certain that if this package is put into place there will be an almost total rework in just a couple of years.

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