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Best Whitetail Rut Dates
South Dakota
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aboks 02-Oct-21
Dakota 02-Oct-21
grizzly63 03-Oct-21
DR 04-Oct-21
From: aboks
HI Guys, Ive never hunted whitetails before and will be going on a trip next November of 2022 on the western border of the state and have some flexibility in dates. I'll be treestand hunting with longbow. If you could pick any 5 consecutive days in November, what days would you pick to be in the stand? Thanks for your help!

From: Dakota
If it were me 5th through the 10th or the 7th through the 12th

From: grizzly63
If you are hunting in a West River Firearms unit, the week before the season starts. If in the Black Hills unit, anytime after the 5th through thanksgiving. The snow will have an impact on where they will be.

From: DR
I think Grizzly63 has a great point. Are you hunting in the WR prairie or the Black Hills? My date rec would be a week later for BH than Prairie personally. ie 2nd week of Nov for prairie and 3rd for BH.

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