Mathews Switchback or Newer Other?
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sharper20 21-Oct-21
Burt 26-Oct-21
afrejt 28-Jan-22
From: sharper20
My 14-yr old son wants a bow this Christmas....looking to get something on the introductory level to see if he sticks with it. I'm not a bow-hunter myself. So i'm thinking something on the order of the $400-$500 options at Field & Stream or Academy seemed appropriate, then ran across a buddy selling a Mathews Switchback "in mint condition" for $350. That seems like a deal for a Mathews bow that's proven to be top notch based on reviews that i've read, but has technology advanced enough since ~2005-2007 timeframe that the "cheaper" models today in that price range might be comparable or even better to what would've been a top of the line bow at the time? Thanks in advance.

From: Burt
Most of the new bows today are substantially better technology. Hand shock is non-existent, more adjustments, solid back wall, grips are slim designs to prevent torque. Might or might not be much faster rated. Definitely will shoot better. Stick with a name brand.

From: afrejt
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