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New to the state
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MrBowman90 26-Oct-21
SIP 31-Oct-21
Tundra 31-Jan-22
Shuteye 28-Mar-22
From: MrBowman90
Hey there. Just moved to the state. Any recommendations on places to hunt? Thanks a lot!

From: SIP
U wont find many responses here, this state page is fairly well dead…as u can see.

As far as your inquiry, MD is a big state…where u located. Can maybe help you once that is established

From: Tundra
eastern shore public land is your best bet. If you know someone to get on private in the suburbs that can be fantastic hunting. FYI Region A not many deer on state lands.

From: Shuteye
Public hunting area near Millington has lots of deer. I have been killing deer there for over 60 years. The headquarters is near Massey and the people there are very knowledgeable and helpful.

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