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Any pre rut activity yet?
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razorsharp 28-Oct-21
BigOk 28-Oct-21
Ok...Russ 29-Oct-21
EmbryOklahoma 31-Oct-21
BigOk 31-Oct-21
PushCoArcher 01-Nov-21
Quailhunter 01-Nov-21
From: razorsharp
I'm hunting the N.E. portion of the state in Delaware Co. Hope to see some increase in activity this weekend. Only a few scrapes opened so far.

From: BigOk
I am in Wagoner county. A few young bucks making scrapes. Hoping this rain and cooler weather gets everything going.

From: Ok...Russ
According to the forecast, early next week is getting below freezing in Okfuskee County. Should get some more activity going. showed 29 as the low for next Thursday but since adjusted to 31. Either way should have more activity. Ready to go.

According to all of the corn bags littering the highways, it’s just a few days out.

From: BigOk
I have watched several young bucks following does the past two days.

From: PushCoArcher
Spent the first half of muzzleloader in Beaver county and the last half here in Push. Haven't seen much rut activity at all in either location so far.

From: Quailhunter
Saw a young buck chase a doe around a little last night then he lost interest and left them alone.

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