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Use of blunt tip
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From: Ok...Russ
Does anyone here have first hand knowledge of whether or not a 100 gr blunt tipped arrow would penetrate/kill a large dog? I've had 2 hunts busted up by a neighbor's dogs chasing deer off a food plot. They're big dogs - possibly Great Pyrenees. Anyhow, 100 lb dog. I do NOT want to kill either as they are pets and I've had a talk with the owner's family(he wasn't around when I stopped by). Owner told another landowner that he tries to keep them contained but keep getting out. I call BS on that but won't until I can talk to the dog owner in person.

I have a feeling that most answers will be geared towards the 3 'S' approach but figured I'd ask. My guess is a 400 gr arrow going 300 fps will break through the skin and most likely penetrate significantly instead of bouncing off and leaving a really big bruise! Another person I talked to suggested a paint ball gun but that'd be kind of loud when trying to bowhunt. Granted, the hunt is pretty much over after they run through the place. Any suggestions?

From: Quailhunter
Uh yea…. Out of a compound? It would be pretty rough. Maybe a spring loaded bb pistol? Right in the rear… if they even make those anymore. I’m talking red Ryder strength.

Tazer! Kidding of course. I used to have the same problem and ironically, it was a Great Pyrenees. It ran with some lab mixes and a few smaller dogs. Constantly running everything around and on game cameras. Not sure whatever happened to the dogs, because they finally quit running deer/hogs/cattle. I even took a shot with my 30/30 at one (I was frustrated). Glad I’m a poor shot with a rifle. When I got over to look for the dog, it was a female beagle and she was hunkered in a ditch. I’m SO glad I missed.

That being said, don’t use your bow with blunts. It will kill them. I like quailhunters suggestion of a small BB gun.

From: Quailhunter
Never shot one but possibly an air soft gun? Those might be more available too.

From: coach
Blow gun dart to the butt is usually pretty effective.

From: PushCoArcher
Had a guy pay me this winter to trap a rottweiler that was chasing livestock because he didn't want to kill it. When I'd catch it he'd call the county animal services to come get it and they'd make the owner pay fees before he could pick it up. Caught him twice before the owner finally secured his dog. Not the easiest option if you don't have the trapping equipment and knowledge but something to consider. Possibly find a trapper near your lease and allow him to trap in exchange for handling the dog( might help the coon problem to).

Surprised so many are reluctant to shoot a pest. Your pet is no longer a pet when it trespasses and harasses livestock and wildlife it's a pest and should be handled as such. I'd harden my heart to what has to be done or resolve myself to having some hunts ruined. The airsoft and bb guns will probably be to light to scare/hurt a 100lb dog. A dart, pellet rifle, or blunt tip from a compound will probably injure it and a injured pet returning to it's master can be a bad situation.

From: Inshart
My neighbor had the same issue with a guy that built a house just through the woods from him. He has 4 dogs - if they weren't running through the woods they would bark constantly for hours at a time. The guy even put an orange vest on his dogs and let them run all over the place. He talked to the neighbor - didn't do any good. He reported it to the police - the sergeant (die-hard deer hunter) went over and had a talk with the guy, dogs have not been back and he no longer hears them barking.

He also spoke to the local warden - not sure if that did any good or not.

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