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From: nogoer
Hi everyone, i just registered here but im also sort of a new hunter just getting into my third season now. The past years ive been trying to deer hunt the public paugusset forest in Newtown CT with really bad luck. I usually see signs and this past saturday i caught sight of a doe about 60 yards out but between what appears to be an apparent lack of animals in this forest as well as the constant recreational hikers and bikers i just luck out every time. Has or does anyone else here hunt this forest or have heard anything about it? Ive got one corner i havent tried yet that im planning on getting into next saturday, but im about to give up on it. I really need to find some private land so i can hunt sundays too, but between my total lack of sociability and now covid going door to door isnt high on my list of things to try. Im also going to start looking further northwest for maybe public land with less recreational people.



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What’s up, welcome to the forum. I have no knowledge of the forest you’re talking about but there’s tons of public hunting land in this state you have access to. I’d say if there’s lots of hikers and mountain bikers, move on. Follow this link and you’ll find all the available land. Click on the parcels and it’ll take you to maps and info about what hunting you can do there.

From: 2Wild Bill
I suggest you go to the north section and hunt behind the houses on Hanover Road. You can park by the boat launch and take the road/trail in. Halfway up the hill turn south and it will put you behind the houses. The south entrance might be a little better. As you stand in the parking lot face west and at the south west corner of the lot is a trail that goes back up in where I've seen sign. Good hunting.

From: Shawn
This is a tough one. I’ve had multiple hunts ruined by hikers and bikers. Usually the deer are off the beaten paths anyhow but that’s not always the case. I got this new spot I found on state land. It’s right on the edge of a swamp. Surrounding me is the hiking trail and it wraps almost completely around me. The deer are plentiful in there. They use it from there bedding to feeding. I guess you would call it a staging area. I was having an awful season till I hunted this spot. Got to see a beautiful 8 pointer and shot a doe that unfortunately I was unable to recover. Worst part about hunting this spot is the hunt can be ruined in 2 seconds by a biker or hiker. This is the chance you take when hunting public and your by the trail. Either way good luck man and hopefully you can get on some deer this year!

From: Garbanzo
You never know what you are going to get on Public land. Like Shawn, I'm luck to have found a spot that I see a good amount of deer and I do not gt a lot of hiker traffic. But that was not always the case. I set up one time and had a steady parade of hikers walk right by my stand. Actually saw one guy drop his pants behind a bush and take a dump.

From: Brian M.
Figure out how to use those hikers to your advantage. Find the right spot and they may push deer right to you. When you get a good snowfall, follow the trails and see if you can bump some deer. Follow their tracks to find the escape path, then set up on it next time around.

From: Shawn
Very well said garbanzo and Brian! Use those hikers to your advantage!

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