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From: Swamp_Donkey
on a set of one of my climbing sticks, I have that metal piece on the strap that sinches the strap in tightly. The only problem is that it's metal and makes noise. I know I should put stealth strips on it, but does anyone have any other advice for supplements in a time pinch?

From: soapdish
I've used wratchet straps in the past.

From: 2Wild Bill
I have some RapidRails that I replaced the ropes on . They were a polypropylene braided rope and the cinch was a form of the chinese handcuff. So, instead I used a fixed knot/ constrictor hitch on the right side of the upright rails and another short piece on the left side. Then I use a sheet bend with the short piece on the left side to attach to the prussic and then take up the slack with the prussic. No metal no noise. The rope I replaced it with was half inch or 7/16" static line for climbers. The hitches that stay fast to the upright rails are constrictor hitches and only tighten as the strain increases.

From: Garbanzo
you can get mole-skin that has and adhesive backing. It will deaden the sound. I always wrap my sticks together with the straps and tighten them down. So the only time I run into the potential to clank is when I am setting up or taking down. I figure that is a noisy proposition in itself, so I just get it over with as soon ass possible.

From: Cnichols73
I've switched to amsteel daisy chains and they work well. Quiet and lighter. I read the rope mod works very well too

From: 2Wild Bill
Chris, That's a real nice setup and easier than teaching someone to tie a knot.

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