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Processor for ducks and geese?
Contributors to this thread:
Brian M. 18-Nov-21
JohnNWCT 17-Dec-21
BBB 17-Dec-21
Brian M. 19-Dec-21
Pat Lefemine 20-Dec-21
JohnNWCT 20-Dec-21
soapdish 20-Dec-21
wilbur 20-Dec-21
From: Brian M.
Anyone know a processor that would handle a doz waterfowl in Weathersfield area? Or anywhere in CT. Thanks.

From: JohnNWCT
Hey Brian. What did you end up doing? I just saw this post.

From: BBB
Sounds like he shot a dozen ducks and geese? :)

From: Brian M.
Almost forgot why I asked. My sister was going to get a dozen waterfowl from a friend. She was going to put them in the freezer. I don't know if she got them or turned down the offer. She's not a hands on processor. lol. But she is learning to skin deer skulls.

From: Pat Lefemine
We used to bring our geese to Adolph’s but that’s no longer an option. We have a pile of frozen goose breasts too so if anyone finds a processor I’d be interested as well.

From: JohnNWCT

JohnNWCT's Link
Adolph's was the best, such a shame. Pat, you should corn that goose meat. It's super easy and no different then preparing corned beef. Just adjust ingredients per the weight of the goose meat. Follow the recipe on the Morton's webpage. Make sure to cut thin as the pellets can still be hidden in the meat.

From: soapdish
The butchery in east Windsor makes great product. I have a commercial slicer and dehydrator. Gonna make teriyaki goose jerky. Sometimes I'll slice the breast a 1/4" thick, put them on a skewers, marinate and then grill. Kinda like beef (?) skewers from a Chinese restaurant.

From: wilbur
Noack's Meat Products 1112 E Main ST. Meriden, CT 06450

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