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From: Hoytman2

Hoytman2's embedded Photo
Hoytman2's embedded Photo
Great day in the woods, my daughter shot a beautiful 8pt. (Gun). As I get older, I am truly thankful for the quality time spent with my daughter. As we sit in the blind we talk and reminisce, I'm super proud of the young woman she has become. As the buck presented himself, watching her get "Buck Fever", shaking uncontrollably, then gain her composure was priceless. The look on her face and the excitement in her voice will be with me forever. I urge all of you, don't let the time slip bye, make the time, you won't regret it.

From: Hookee
Priceless !

From: steve

Good stuff, Brother!

I got out to the club and shot around with #1 Son. Not that it matters, but he shot remarkably well. Just being there was the whole point.

I’m sure she’ll treasure that pic FOREVER :)

From: BBB
Love it! You're so right about spending time with your kids, grandkids or any young person teaching them how to hunt. My friends son wanted to learn how to turkey hunt so I took him to the hunter safety course and then we went turkey hunting and he got his first bird after scaring one away by shaking so bad the bird saw him 50 yards away. I'll never forget it, better than anything I harvested myself.

From: DeerDan
Good stuff right there! Congratulations

From: dean j
Beautiful !

From: Blood
Congrats to her! Great deer. Glad you two still spend this time together. Enjoy it.

From: 2Wild Bill
Congratulations, beautiful buck, great experience and nice photo.

From: soapdish
Awesome times

From: nehunter
Nice!! Congrats!

From: N8tureBoy
Congrats to the both of you!

From: Big Dog
Hoyt, been there ,understand your feelings. Ultimately the future of hunting may rest with women who love to hunt. Congrats to your daughter.

From: Mike in CT
That is definitely what it's all about-the best of times are always centered around family. Great buck-congratulations!

From: Tall 1
Awesome!! Lifetime memory!

From: air leak
Congratulations, nice buck!

From: spike78
Wow nice buck congrats to you and her!

From: Brian M.
Great buck, great pic. Congrats to her on the buck, congrats to you on raising her right.

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