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A nice mature buck
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InRut 29-Nov-21
Toonces 29-Nov-21
air leak 29-Nov-21
soapdish 29-Nov-21
BBB 29-Nov-21
Big Dog 29-Nov-21
BAT 29-Nov-21
Tall 1 29-Nov-21
Brian M. 29-Nov-21
DeerDan 29-Nov-21
N8tureBoy 29-Nov-21
Blood 29-Nov-21
InRut 30-Nov-21
ARLOW 01-Dec-21
bleydon 01-Dec-21
2Wild Bill 01-Dec-21
steve 01-Dec-21
Hunter3 01-Dec-21
Bowtecher 01-Dec-21
InRut 02-Dec-21
Gene 03-Dec-21
From: InRut

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Got a decent one Saturday morning, they have been moving the last few days passed on some smaller bucks This 8 and other 8 seemed to be On a hot doe the last Wed , Thurs and Friday Got in early and this buck or another were in there 30-40 yards away when I got up in the stand around 610 am. Barely could see the bodies silhouette on the ridge I could see a rack on the skyline .Thought they moved off but at least had a little excitement,so at 645 I grunted 4-5 times and did the doe can . This ole boy came in searching zig zagging , at 655 I had a nice 25 yard shot he ran 40 yards and piled up.

From: Toonces
very nice deer, congrats.

From: air leak
Congratulations, very nice buck!

From: soapdish

From: BBB
Not a decent buck, sorry, but that's a NICE buck. Great job, congrats.

From: Big Dog
Good deer, congrats

From: BAT
Very nice! Congrats!

From: Tall 1
Yeah… decent! Just messing with ya Kev. Great buck!!

From: Brian M.
Not bad at all. Congrats.

From: DeerDan
Nice buck! Congratulations

From: N8tureBoy
Congrats! Nice one

From: Blood
InRut, beautiful buck! And congrats. You haven’t posted on here in a while….nice to see you’re still killing them!

From: InRut
Blood i had another account i tried to log on and use my pin number it didn't take -maybe because i was idle for 10 months , so i started another account now. Been seeing a lot of deer passed a lot of dinks then shot a decent 6 on Nov 11 , then this 8 pt will try to Westchester for Dec. with FB groups now i have been checking all comments & posts on FB groups & some great bucks taken in CT i see a pattern end of Oct 1 st week of Nov some nice bucks along CT, then a real good rut in some areas happening now

Very nice buck!

From: bleydon
Good job! Nice one.

From: 2Wild Bill
Congratulations, nice buck indeed.

From: steve
Congrats Kevin ! Great deer .

From: Hunter3
Very nice deer. Any weight estimate?

From: Bowtecher
Nice one Kevin, congrats

From: InRut
Hunter3 , my butcher didn't weight , but im guessing filed dressed 170ish

From: Gene
Awesome buck and the way you got him was awesome too. That is so great when it comes together like that.

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