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2nd home in WY
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From: Sivart
I haven't really gotten a straight answer on what the regs really read. I am purchasing a 2nd home in WY. Will keep our home in Neb. We be dividing my time between both places. Plan on getting a WY drivers license. Does anyone know what all parameters I have to meet to be a full resident of WY?


wyobullshooter's Link
This link will tell you what you need to know. Since you’re keeping your home in Nebraska and splitting time between the two states, I’d say you will not be able to claim residency for hunting/fishing purposes. Don’t just take my word for it though, I’d highly recommend calling Wyo G&F and talk to someone in law enforcement.

From: Annony Mouse
From the link above: "To qualify for any resident game and fish license, preference point, permit or tag, a person shall be domiciled and shall physically reside in Wyoming for one (1) full year (365 consecutive days) immediately preceding the date the person applies for or purchases the license, preference point, permit or tag and the person shall not have claimed residency elsewhere for any other purpose (including, but not limited to, voting, payment of income taxes, purchase of resident hunting, fishing or trapping licenses, etc.) during that one (1) year period."

You need to live here for an entire year before you qualify as a resident.

From: WYelkhunter
In my opinion according to how the regulation reads, since you will not be living at your wyoming residence full time you will not be able to claim WY residency for hunting and fishing purposes.

From: jimss
So after you live in Wyo for a year can you still be a resident if you live part time in Wyo?

From: wytex
No jimss, the regs address snow birds and I believe the time limit out of state is 180 days .

Right from the website: What is Domicile? Domicile means: "That place where a person has his true, fixed and permanent home to which, whenever a person is temporarily absent, the person has the intention of returning."

Having a mailing address, owning property or a business, or being employed in Wyoming shall not alone prove Wyoming residency or domicile.

Domicile is established when the person demonstrates that he or she:

• Physically resides in Wyoming • Has abandoned domicile in other states • Has made his or her permanent residence in Wyoming • Is not residing in Wyoming for a special or temporary purpose

From: wytex
Sivart, dot the I's and cross the t's because Wyoming will check on your status.

From: Bob H in NH
My understanding is the perm vs temp thing is 6 months plus 1 day in WY

Lots of people have addresses in other states. Snow birds have to be gone less than 6 months. Many leave for multiple months in winter

From: Rob in VT
How do they check on your status?

^^^^ I can’t tell you the process they utilize to verify residency, but I can tell you this. I know of a few guys that got stationed here as far back as the early ’80’s that we’re cited because they purchased resident licenses before they met the 90 day requirement. I’d guess they’ve got it down to an art in this day and age. Not only is it a violation of G&F regulations, it’s also a violation of state statutes. They do take it seriously, as well they should.

From: wytex
A simple check by your name will turn up lots of info for a GW. And don't be surprised if a resident tipped them off.

wytex, I'm guessing that's how quite a few get caught (resident tip off)!!

From: Annony Mouse
Drivers license...has info as to when you apply for it and if your previous license was in another state.

From: wytex
Read how this guy got caught.

From: WapitiBob
Make WY your home, drivers license, taxes, all of it, then spend just under 6 months in Neb and you'll be fine. If you still work in Neb you will need to do so as a non resident. You can't be a resident in 2 states, but you can be a non resident in all 50.

From: jimss
I would think if you buy Wyo res hunting licenses you better not buy res hunting licenses also in Nebraska or other states plus Wyo. I'm sure it's fairly easy for the WG&F to check out taxes, hunting/fishing licenses, driver's licenses, cell phone calls and locations, etc. I think in the Pinedale case above the guy could loose his hunting license? If so, he may not be able to hunt in multiple states across the Western US if found guilty. I would certainly make sure you are doing everything right or your plan may back-fire.

I wonder how many nonres will test the system and buy dirt cheap property with a trailer house if 90/10 ever happens in Wyo?

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