Late success!
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What’s up y’all! I shot a doe bow opener and rifle opener but finally shot a nice buck a couple days ago. About a week and a half ago I put a camera up at a spot I had little to no hope at. Very hidden swamp area that had absolutely no sign in the early season. After a couple days with the camera out, the buck had been showing up pretty consistently. I hunted one evening; seeing nothing. Then, on Saturday I accidentally slept in for the morning and instead got in the stand for the evening sit. Got in the tree at about 2:00. A guy was marching through the woods for about 30 mins but once he left, I saw legs going across the left periphery of my sight. Within minutes. This nice 8 point was coming in straight in. Smoked him at 15 yards and man was I fired up! Awesome to finally see my work pay off.

From: Swamp_Donkey
Real nice buck! Maybe there was no sign in that swamp early season because there was no hunting pressure, then when things picked up, those deer retreated to the "security" of the swamp..... just a thought. Keep up the good work

From: Tall 1
Very nice! Congrats!

From: nehunter
Congrats!! Nice Buck!

From: Brian M.
Nice buck. Big hole too.

From: Big Dog
Deer test., congrats on a nice buck. You have had a great season because you put a lot of thought into your hunts. Taking a late season buck is an accomplishment.

From: soapdish

From: Notme

From: BBB
I hate seeing others where I hunt, but it really worked out for you with a great looking buck. Congrats!!

From: DeerDan
Good looking buck congratulations..

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