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Unit 36 Javelina/Deer Camping
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Heat 16-Dec-21
Saxon 17-Dec-21
Heat 17-Dec-21
Coyote 65 19-Dec-21
Heat 20-Dec-21
Coyote 65 22-Dec-21
From: Heat
I got drawn for Unit 36 archery only javelina. Does anybody else have this tag and would you be interested in camping together or letting me camp near you? I normally don't mind camping by myself but with the Border security concerns in the area, I don't think it is a good idea to stay down there by myself for any length of time. Just throwing this out there for anybody that might be in the same boat.

From: Saxon
Become a P.B.S member. Problem solved.

From: Heat
Saxon can you eloborate on that?

From: Coyote 65
I think that there is a womans group hunting the first weekend of the hunt. They camp out at buenos aires wildlife refuge. There are 30-40 women and their mentors and the camp cooks. couse whitetail .com is the sponsor of the group. Might look on there for information. Open camping there, so just find a spot in their vicinity and you should be good. My wife went about 5 years ago.


From: Heat
Thanks Terry, I think that might be during the HAM hunt, at least that's when my wife is going.

From: Coyote 65
You are right it is the ham hunt.


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