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Unit 6A Javelina
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delkslayr 06-Jan-22
Knothead 09-Jan-22
delkslayr 10-Jan-22
Knothead 21-Feb-22
From: delkslayr
Hey i posted this in the bowhunting hog section but figured I'd try the Arizona section as well. I successfully drew my archery javelina tag for Arizona units 6A, 6B, 8, & 9. I have a friend that has a little knowledge about 6A but wanted to reach out to see if anyone had any advice for hunting in these areas? This will be my first time in this area but have hunted javelinas in the past. Any information or thoughts would be much appreciated.

From: Knothead
I would say I probably see javelina once out of every 5 trips to the unit. This would be south of Stoneman lake road. I spot them just driving down a road or walking around when cameras were legal. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to where they are. I've seen them in the wide open flats, ponderosa pine forests to the brushy canyon edges. So what I am saying is you just have to get out there and look around. Glassing is usually the most productive way to find them. I do not hunt javelina in 6a but three species I would never tell anyone about if I had a "honey hole" are javelina, turkey and quail. The other species you would have to be blood kin (and that is still a maybe) or I would need to know you for at least 20 years before I give up any specific info. All my places I hunt I have found on my own except for one turkey spot (15-16 years ago) that I am sworn to secrecy not to give up. Good Luck

From: delkslayr
Knothead, i totally respect the protection of the "honey holes". I am the same way here in CO with my archery elk spots. Thanks for the response! I am excited to get out and look!

From: Knothead
delkslayr, How id you end up doing on your javelina hunt? I'm interested to hear your experience. thanks

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