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Moving to FL - Hunting?
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From: Woobie
Hey all,

Moving to FL soon from CO. I’m used to western hunting obviously but am looking forward to getting the hell out of this place.

What opportunities/game should I be looking into down there? I know nothing about FL other than the memes I see!

From: itshot

itshot's Link
alligator, bear(maybe again, some day), beaver, bobcat, coyote, deer, duck, fox, hogs, iguanas, otter, pythons, quail, raccoons, sambar, squirrel, turkey

and exotics on game ranches

a lot of opportunities between fishing trips

good luck!

From: Lawdog
I don't know if anyone else is going to respond. If you go to myfwc.com, that should give you a start into Florida hunting and fishing. Sadly, no elk or trout. Good luck.

From: Swampbuck
There’s trout, sea trout :)

From: itshot
and there's wanna-be elk, sambar ;)

From: Lawdog

From: Swampbuck
Don’t forget about the elusive Skunk Ape

From: Woobie
Thanks guys! Just wanted an overall picture of what to dig into.

From: itshot
wooobie, what part of the state are you moving to??

From: bghunter
I too hope to move there within the next year. Are there hunt clubs one can join? I thought I heard of this. If so what us say an average cost for such a membership

From: itshot
bg, like anything else, the sky is the limit

from 1,500 to 20,000 depending on who what when and where

From: bghunter

Thank you. I figured there would be some major price differences, but didn't know that much lol.

This hunt club is new to me.

From: Lawdog
BG. There is some fine hunting on public land. I've never been disappointed. Once you figure out the system, it's easy to apply for special opportunity and limited draw hunts. After the 1st 7 or 9 (I forget) days, you can pretty much go anywhere. Heavens, if you're over 65, you don't even need a license.

From: bghunter

Thanks. I am recovering from surgery so I have time to start looking.

One day I hope to try that Sambar hunt on St Vincent, but that looks pretty intense

From: Swampbuck
bg, what part of Wisconsin are you from? My wife was born there and still has a bunch of family there. We still go to her childhood home north of Three Lakes every summer. I hunted several ruts with my father n law and friends up there. A bit cold for a Florida boy, fun but cold

From: bghunter

I sent you a PM


From: CrabsJarry
I think it will be easy for you to hunt foxes and other game. However, you better not try to hunt deer, because they will soon go extinct. I like hunting and fishing, but I care about their impact. I do it for pleasure, so when I catch fish, I let them go. And when I hunt, I try to only kill rabbits and game that are not extinct out there and give off offspring quite often. I once killed a moose (when I was younger and didn't care much for animals) and butchered it. Thanks to acelinemoving.com, I was able to move him to a new home because he looks good. But now I don't think I would have done the same.

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