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Zim 31-Jan-22
sticksender 01-Feb-22
Zim 01-Feb-22
From: Zim
Anyone else get the latest INDNR deer survey in their email box? I completed mine today. I found it downright comical the last question was about trophy management. It seems they have gotten a lot of complaints in 2021. Go figure. 32 gun days, 16 peak rut. Crossguns for ten years. No hunter quotas on public land, even during gun season. No nonresident quotas. Lol I gave up on this state decades ago. There is no mature buck management at all. None has ever existed in my 61 years. I'd say that horse has left the barn! And at this point is so far down the road it's a lost cause to even bring up as a topic. All my whitetail Novembers are spent in Illinois & Iowa. And I never expect that to change, unless those states fall to liberal bad management. And there were many questions about my satisfaction with the INDNR's deer management practices here. But in fact I know it's corrupt uneducated politicians that make major deer decisions here, not the DNR. They should know that, since they are the DNR?! What am I missing here? Lol. Hell, of the four legislators who sponsored the crossgun legislation, two had only high school educations, and one a DWI (but all four had big wide open pockets). I think the trophy question just appeared in the survey to appease those dissatisfied taxpayers.

From: sticksender
The wording of the questions about "trophy management" were indeed kinda comical, to the extent that whoever wrote the survey pretty obviously does not want any "trophy management" practices....whatever that phrase means. To try and slant survey results, forewarn the respondent of the dire consequences of answering in a way you don't want them to answer...such as this wording the DNR placed within the survey questions: "you won't be able to hunt that farm for free anymore, non-resident hunters will increase, leasing will increase, you won't be able to shoot just any buck you want", and etc. Then they ask later in the survey how much you trust the Indiana DNR...lol! Well maybe I used to kinda trust them.....then after reading that survey, sorry but my trust factor just dropped a bunch.

From: Zim

Zim's embedded Photo
Zim's embedded Photo
I thought the same thing about the “trust” factor. I have never completed a survey before with so many questions about their own credibility. That was weird.

Chart above is an indicator of liberal deer management in Indiana & Michigan. It would take a complete overhaul of mentality for change, which will never happen. And the comment about “can’t shoot whatever buck you want” is just misinformation. In Illinois last November I passed on button bucks, fork horns, 100”, 120”, 130”, even three 140” and a 160” before harvesting a 185”, all on conservatively managed public land. I could have shot ANY of these deer legally if I wanted. Pathetic scare tactics by the INDNR. Lost my trust.

As I get older and the Western terrain gets more difficult for me, just glad I got an Illinois lifetime license and 4 Iowa points. I don’t sweat the bad deer management here in Indiana. At least the public turkey management & hunting is great.

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