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Snow days
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PushCoArcher 03-Feb-22
Quailhunter 04-Feb-22
Johnny Koester 05-Feb-22
PushCoArcher 05-Feb-22
Michael Brown 02-Dec-23
From: PushCoArcher

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PushCoArcher's embedded Photo
How's everyone doing with this cold and snow? I love my family dearly but I get a little stir crazy being cooped up all day. The upside is I finally got most of my gear squared away, except for the trapping stuff, and pulled out my turkey gear. Garage is cleaner than it's been in awhile.

From: Quailhunter
Hate being stuck inside. Fun for the kids. Out to burn some brush today!

Push, couldn't resist to respond to the picture you posted. THAT is a really good picture and a BEAUTIFUL daughter you have. Please tell her so from me. God Bless. Johnny

From: PushCoArcher
Thank you Johnny! She's my pride and joy thankfully she gets her looks from her momma.


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Snow days bring a unique mix of coziness and restlessness, don't they? Glad to hear you've taken advantage of the indoors to organize and prep your gear. Have you ever tried using a snow day predictor (https://snowdaypredictorcanada.com/) to plan ahead for these moments? Stay warm and enjoy the tidied-up garage!

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