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From: SmokedTrout
So I see where we can now have E-tags. No more paper carcass tags required. All you have to do is install the MFWP app, download your tags, and...well I am not sure how you actually use them.

My main issue is installing FWP app on my phone. I do believe I am going to let others be the guinea pigs and work out the bugs before I even try it. Has anybody installed it, or plan to?

From: JMG
Ahh ... yes ... agree. I don't know why with today's technology FWP cannot look this information up during a "check", whether it be out in the field or at a game check. No need for the hunter to carry anything other than a form of ID (driver's license).

From: Daff
I haven't tried their system yet but if it is like Tennessee and Georgia you just install the app and log into it similar to the computer. Your als # will show all licenses and permits you hold. Then when you harvest an animal you fill in location sex species etc. it issues a confirmation # for your harvest making it legal. If there is no cell service your phone saves the information and transmits the information when it gets a signal. There probably will be bugs but I am optimistic. I've always hated all those big paper tags and permits.

From: Cut2Kill
Do we have to cut a notch out of our cell phones? Hahaha!!

From: SmokedTrout
I figure I am more likely to forget my phone on a hunt than my tags.

Also, you can't change your mind once you've got your e-tag, and it looks like a hassle if you get a new phone for whatever reason. I'm sticking with the stack of paper tags this year.

From: SBH
Been waiting for this. The print at home paper tags is one of the dumbest things they have done and that's saying something. If you can figure out how to use Bowsite, I'm guessing a tag on your phone will be fine. Although leave it to MTFWP to screw it up they'll find a way.

From: SmokedTrout
While I still don't trust their app, and won't for at least a year, I just printed my Sportsmans License and it has me thinking E-Tags are the way to go. Three pages of unorganized crap! With a minimum effort it could have all fit on two pages, with a moderate effort it could have fit on one. It looks like a kinder garden project.

From: Pop-r
JMG you are dead on! Just another shitshot way for them to find a way to cite you. SmokedTrout the emails and literature they send out is very much on an elementary level & embarrassing.

From: 6pointbull
talked to a warden that said he is concerned about people not validating the tags after harvest. It basically is a personal honesty issue, which is going to be abused.

From: cmbbulldog
Got my tag and already downloaded. Very easy... so far at least.

From: Whitney
Well, I don't have a cell phone and never will (ok, I'm old)...too much technology these days and this is just another example.. What's next...maybe have a chip in your arrow that automatically signals your cell phone whether you've hit the kill zone or not? :)

More seriously, I was talking to a friend who works for F&G a couple weeks ago and he said there are already problems with people hitting "Validate" thinking they are validating their license purchase when they are actually validating their tag (punching it out)...

From: SmokedTrout
That's priceless! They will probably blame the "validation" issue with poor wording, kind of like how they messed up the Elk draw.

I don't know anybody who has gone with E-Tags, too many chances for something to go wrong, like losing or bricking your phone. I don't mind having my fishing license on my phone, however.

From: Scrappy
Some co-workers used the app for turkey season and both tagged out but not positive if they validated their tags right. They made it home without being checked so they are not worried about it any longer. I believe they both used Android platforms which has been having issues with the app.

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