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Possible job transfer to Knoxville
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Buckstop723 06-Mar-22
Iowa Rut Nut 19-Mar-22
Boatman71 22-Mar-22
From: Buckstop723
I work for 3M in Greenville, South Carolina. Looking to transfer to the 3M plant in Knoxville. How is the public land deer hunting for a bow hunter? Any input on the area, deer hunting, or the 3M facility up there? Thanks in advance.

From: Iowa Rut Nut
Marion County is one of the top counties in Iowa for big bucks. Lake Red Rock is the largest lake in Iowa 15000 acres and 35000 acres of land with lots of deer habitat. 15 miles south is Stephens State forest 1000 acres.

From: Boatman71
There is quite a bit of Public Hunting as stated above. Once you are established it pays dividends to go knock on doors as well for private, yes it can be hard to find, but it is possible ;-) I live 20 minutes from Knoxville.

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