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General public land question
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From: Buckstop723
Not planning to hunt your state public. I'm collecting general data. I'm doing this in many states.

In general how is your deer hunting on public land state wide?

In the past 10 years, would you say the sightings of mature bucks has decreased?

What could your state do to improve deer hunting on Ohio public land?

Thanks for any and all feedback.

From: Zbone
"how is your deer hunting on public land state wide?"

Heavily pressured... Look at the human population density of Ohio, then the amount of public hunting, its a wonder any survive... Have walked all day in the snow on public hunting areas trying to flush a left over released pheasant and never cut a deer track... You may find some deer on them during bowseason before the firesticks, but all public hunting areas gets hammered during the firearms season and it may take survivors a while to trickle back in before the following season...

"What could your state do to improve deer hunting on Ohio public land?"

No firearms, bows only, along with limited antlerless permits...

From: Buckstop723
Interesting. I want to get a good baseline for public land deer hunting across the US.

I read a lot on State DNR report- I personally don't think they are accurate. This may confirm that.

I know in South Carolina, our public land deer hunting has gotten better over the last 10 years. (1) because we don't have a lot of Non Resident hunters wanting to hunt. (2) most hunters are on a lease and don't hunt public land as often.

I know your state gets hammered by out of state hunters on public for deer. I have a coworker that is from Ohio. He said he remembers deer hunting on public to be a lot better 10 plus years ago.

Thanks for you feedback.

From: Bucknuts
Opening day is good . But then a squrriel Hunter comes walking through. But come November the nonresidents come in as many as the amount deer on the land. when that time comes you have to find private land to hunt the rut. We have seen a big improvement on the does with the limit only 1 per year on public land state wide.

From: 3arrows
Bucks only on state land.

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