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General public land question
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Buckstop723 07-Mar-22
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Buckstop723 08-Mar-22
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From: Buckstop723
Simply collecting general data in several states. Not planning a hunt there.

How is the overall deer hunting in your state on public land?

In the last ten years, has sightings of mature bucks increased or decreased?

In general, do you enjoy hunting Indiana public land for deer?

What would be something that would help your public land deer hunting be better?

Do most people pursue antlers or meat on public land in your state?

Thanks for any and all general feedback.

From: Zim
Lol I think it’s safe to say mature buck sightings on public land here have declined steadily over the last ten years coinciding with inclusion of crossguns in the archery season. It wasn’t great in the first place due to long 16 day peak rut firearm days. It’s to the point now where I refuse to hunt in Indiana at all even though I live here. I hunt public land exclusively in Illinois & Iowa now. I’ve lived and hunted the public land here since 1989 so it’s a pretty big sample size.

From: Buckstop723
Interesting. Thanks for your response. It seems most " big " deer states are seeing the same thing in public land. In my state, South Carolina- the public land deer hunting has gotten better overall. Mostly due to hunters being on a lease and the bucks being able to reach maturity on public land.

From: Jack Ryann
I couldn't agree more with the conclusion public land deer have suffered huge declines since the inclusion of bowguns in archery season. THOUGH that is not the only cause, just walk in to Walmart or Rural King for the rest of the story and look over all their baiting supplies. They don't carry that stuff because people aren't using it.

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