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Unit 32 Pecos River Mule deer
New Mexico
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oryxman 22-Apr-22
Elkslaya 13-Oct-22
ohiohunter 15-Oct-22
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PushCoArcher 10-Feb-23
From: oryxman
We use to Run a ranch on the Pecos River and Killed 2 30" Bucks anyone else kill any Pecos River Bucks?

From: Elkslaya
I’ve seen some monsters between Hagerman and Bottomless lakes. And behind the old rock schoolhouse. But you don’t see them for long. Ghost deer. This whole hunting quail and pheasant when there were pheasant years ago. The deer population has dwindled big time in 32

From: ohiohunter
They dialed back tag#’s a whopping 7%, but every tag they cut I’m sure they’ll try to make up somewhere else. I’m not so sure the current ,and future, G&F model has anything to do with conservation. I was at a meeting where G&F tried to tell us GME 32 deer herd was meeting or exceeding objectives, we laughed…. And NOW several years (or a decade) too late they start to decrease public tags while private tags are unlimited. Hmmmm. Don’t bother trying to come between their money and the states wildlife.

I have a hunch the no scope muzzleloader movement will ultimately result in a tag increase, especially for deer and antelope.

From: ohiohunter
And I’ll bet if the change doesn’t reduce elk harvest they may implement full bore bullets… then eventually consider primitive mz hunts.

From: PushCoArcher

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