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Draw results are up for special buck
South Dakota
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Old Bow 23-Apr-22
speedgoat 30-Apr-22
Old Bow 21-May-22
grizzly63 05-Jun-22
Old Bow 08-Jun-22
From: Old Bow
No tag for me this year

From: speedgoat
I got my tag. Another chance to archery hunt my little honey hole!

From: Old Bow
Looks like I’ll be bow hunting some private ground, not much luck with the draws .

From: grizzly63
no tag for me either. Used to be every year, then every other year, now every third year. I keep playing the odds and getting a few tags but it will continue to diminish I'm afraid. Keep building preference where you can. Starting to add antelope to the mix so I can keep hunting.

From: Old Bow
For sure I have like 8 points for refuge deer but haven’t really researched any of those places

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