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My first NM Archery Elk tag..BH question
New Mexico
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Hi, just got landed an Archery elk tag for NM and I am very excited. There is a lot of debate on broad heads and wanted to find out what the locals use in NM. I have always used mechanicals for white tails but I have been reading that fixed is the way to go. For hunting Lincoln what do you guys recommend? I am shooting a Matthews VXR 70 lbs draw with Victory Rip TKO 350 spine arrows. Thanks

From: HDE
How much do you want to spend? I've used Wac'em, VPA, Montec, and Slick Trick with good results.

From: Oryx35
I've been shooting Slick Trick heads for a while now. With the exception of the 6x6 I shot square in the shoulder, my fault, every elk I've shot with the Slick Tricks has died in sight.

From: Muddyboots
Zwickey two blade.

From: smarba
You'll get a zillion answers, but Slick Trick (Viper 125) is the right one LOL

I've killed my last several elk and deer with G5 Strikers. They're very good heads and fly very well. I used Slick Trick standards and Magnums prior and they're very good too but I get a little more consistent flight out of the Strikers.

From: HDE
If I ever shot Slick Trick again it would definitely be the Viper Trick line.

From: Splitlimb13
Best answer is QAD Exodus swept blade!

From: Dale06
Magnus stingers or Iron Will ( both 125 gr) have been my choice and the choice of a hunting buddy and my son. We are not from NM but have seen five 5x5 and 6x6 bulls killed there the last three years, with the two above mentioned BHs. Tracking jobs on four of them were under 50 yards. The other one about 100 yards.

From: ohiohunter
Exodus, stryker, v2 among many 3blade bh’s. I prefer replaceable blades, no way can I sharpen as sharp as they come out of the package. Just make sure you tune and can hit where you aim. Double lunged elk don’t go far.

Also shoot a decent weighted arrow. About 420gr give or take is where I like to be.

From: Shaft2Long
Any fixed blade head is going to work provided the shot is good.

Magnus stingers are great and usually cheaper than other heads. The way they’re built they do less damage to the target pulling them back out. Wasp sharpshooters are pretty sweet as well.

From: JSW
I would leave the mechanicals at home. Any solidly built fixed blade will work as long as it is razor sharp. I hunt with either the old Magnus glue on with or without the bleeder or the old Bear razorhead with the bleeder.

I've seend good results with the Magnus stinger or Muzzy 3 or 4 blade 125's.

From: Shaft2Long
FWIW, I just bought a six pack of 4 blade heads from Innerlock for 45 dollars. That’s a heck of a deal these days some of these companies want that much just for one.

From: Dale06
I’m not familiar with interlock BHs, they may be a fine head. But there often is a correlation between price and effectiveness.

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