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Does anyone have any info on Sargent WMA
New Mexico
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bow-hnt 03-May-22
HDE 03-May-22
ohiohunter 03-May-22
butcherboy 06-May-22
From: bow-hnt
Buying a unit 4 tag, trying to find out any info on the Sargent WMA ? Is that a good area to hunt?

From: HDE
If you're buying a unit 4 tag, it's a landowner tag. It won't be valid in the Sargent WMA.

From: ohiohunter
There are no unit wide 4 tags in the draw, they’re all WMA. I assume your tag is RO? Or am I missing something?

From: butcherboy
Yep, tag has to be ranch only. Sergeant’s is a draw hunt with very limited amount of tags.

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