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From: Dale06
I’ve hunted north west of Nogal 4-5 miles. It’s a 40,000 acre private ranch ranch, called Rancho Vista de Vale. It’s hunting unit 34 or 36. I have a hunt planned there this September. Does anyone know if that area has burned. I do know of the Nogal canyon fire, but it apparently did not impact the hunting area. Would appreciate any info. Thanks

From: Oryx35
OnX maps has an active fire layer. It's one of the better tools I've seen to see exactly where the fires are relative to any given spots you're invested in looking at.

Google maps does something similar, but the detail isn't as high.

From: ohiohunter

ohiohunter's Link
If you don’t have your onX up yet. Also gives containment info. Doesn’t look like your area is in threat

From: Dale06
Thanks Ohio hunter.

From: jdee
The Vista del vale is in unit 36. It was not impacted by the Nogal fire at all. the Nogal fire was south/west of the ranch off Nogal canyon road. The fire burnt about 6 structures and around 400 acres. It is bone dry around here right now with big winds the forest is in stage 2 fire restrictions now.

From: Dale06
Thanks Jdee. Sure hope the area gets some rain to reduce fire risk for all concerned.

Looks like Jdee is getting some rain today. Hope it doesn't cause too much of an issue on the burns as far as erosion.

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