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Whats the best managed hunts in Missouri
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12ringman 08-Jun-22
Zim 15-Aug-23
elkmo 23-Oct-23
12ringman 03-May-24
From: 12ringman
What's the best managed archery hunts Missouri Conservation offers? I recently moved from Oklahoma and the McAlester traditional archery hunt the is prime of the list there.

From: Zim
You have any luck in the managed draw today? I did not. Just got NE Missouri back in my work area last year so began researching & scouting properties. I don’t have enough experience to give you my opinion. However, MDC does have the managed hunt draw odds posted on their website and no doubt the better hunts will be the worst odds. Everyone knows about Jefferson Barracks and that is likely the best archery. I’ve driven through there and seen the big bucks. But it’s a weird hunt in a cemetery. Not my style so I chose something else.

From: elkmo

From: 12ringman
I didn't have any luck last year but will try again this year.

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