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New to hunting OK, need some advise
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Aggie-Erb 11-Jun-22
EmbryOklahoma 14-Jun-22
From: Aggie-Erb
Greetings all. My buddies and I just stroke out on deer tags for our annual trip to Kansas. There are 6 of us that go every year and now we are scrambling to find another trip. We live in Houston, TX and are looking for a week long trip away from real life. I am looking in Oklahoma and after looking online a bit, Three Rivers WMA keeps on coming up as a great place to hunt Whitetail. So I will obviously do my research but I figure there has to be outfitters out there that can help us out so we are not going in completely blind since we won't have a chance to scout any. Does anyone have recommendations for certain areas or have any outfitter contacts that would be able to help. Thank you.

Never heard of any outfitters down that way, but I’d bet if you bought some locals a couple cases of beer or a big ol’ bag of weed, they’d let you in on where they do most of their poaching. One thing I do know, there’s lots of Texans already hunting there.

But really… get up for a weekend before season and scout a bit. It’s definitely not a Kansas farm/creek hunt. You’ll earn it. Good luck.

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